Monday, April 14, 2014


Full Moon with Lunar Eclipse:)

Yes, Yes...I know, my subheading is redundant. One cannot have a Lunar eclipse unless one has a Full Moon. Just checking to see if you were paying attention..he, he, he. Now to the meat of this blog.......(crickets...) Yep, I can't think of a thing at the moment. However, I felt I'd be remiss not to blog about this upcoming astrological event. So what does one do to "celebrate" a lunar eclipse? I guess I could get my teens out of bed (see previous post on my parental bonding technique here) to witness this shadow.

Or I could throw a small party.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Tarot Exhaustion and the Hallmark Channel

Have you ever had "Tarot Exhaustion"?
My definition: Tarot Exhaustion-noun-the condition of extreme emotional and physical fatigue due to tapping into the Universe via tarot, lenormand, oracle cards or any other means of divination for the guidance of another person.

Remedy: The Hallmark Channel

My definition: The Hallmark Channel-noun-a cable television channel; shows only sappy, predictable, "happily ever after" made for t.v. movies starring actors we recognize when they were in their prime.

So you're probably wondering what in the world??!!!....Well, just think about it...There's nothing better for the soul than surrounding it in positive, happy, predictable atmospheres. An atmosphere, where you do not have to consult the cards to find out the ending. And every ending is happy. That's why they are the Heart of TV:)

P.S.-Just because I like the Hallmark Channel, doesn't mean I'm not a smart ass. I'm just a smart ass Hallmark Channel lover.