Wednesday, February 26, 2014

New Kipper Deck and I'm Still in Awe!!!!!!!!

Yay!!!!! Just received the long awaited Mystical Kipper Deck, by Regula Elizabeth Fiechter. I preordered it in January and due to the snow, it got lost in the mail (actually, I'm blaming Mercury Retrograde...see my previous post on these feelings). Anyway, I had time to do some research on how to use Kipper Cards. And of course, almost everything was in German (I think...I know it wasn't English...I think...Ummm,... English is suppose to be my mother tongue, right?...) I found a pdf in English and read it, but it didn't really tell you How to use the deck. Okay, so fast forward, I opened the deck, read the LWB, and guess still really didn't say how to use the deck. It did have instructions for the "All Cards Spread", so I threw caution to the wind and after the wind blew it back in my face, I followed the instructions and laid out the "All Cards Spread".

I'm not going to divulge the question or concern I asked the deck, plus the instructions didn't indicate you needed to pose a question. As of right now, my jaw is still on the floor....(the cats are batting it around). The spread was so accurate. Of course, it took me a while to read up on all the individual cards, which the instructions say to do. But OMG!!!!! was scary accurate. I did another spread for a friend, and I still posed a question. Although, the spread didn't answer the question, it did shed light on a different aspect of my friend's life.

Here are my thoughts (it's okay, I've been to see the doctor and he's okay'd my thoughts, for the time being).... The Kipper Cards do not use a question or concern.  It sheds light on a theme of your life using distance and a time frame. Somewhat like a Grand Tableau in Lenormand. As for the Mystical Kipper deck as a whole, the card stock is professional grade, the images are vibrant with a 1900's theme, painted using the egg tempura method (yes, I thought it was Chinese food at first). The cards measure 3 1/2L x 2 1/4W. So yes, they are small, it makes sense because you have to lay them all out. For your money, you get a box, 36 cards, and a 52 page LWB.

For me, I give this deck 2 thumbs and 2 big toes up.