Saturday, June 21, 2014

JOY to the World-Finding JOY in the Little Things


A 3 letter word.

Welcome to the Lithia Tarot Blog hop.  Our wonderful wrangler, Olivia Destrades from First Earth Tarot, has picked the topic of JOY. For those of you who are new at hopping, you may use the links below to go back to the PREVIOUS blog from Chloe for Celtic Lenormand or you may click NEXT to forward to Vicki Wilson's blog. If you get lost, just click MASTER LIST, and it will take you back to the whole listing of blogs. Happy Hopping:)
My blog this time around is going to be short and sweet, like the word JOY. Ask anyone what brings them Joy and you'll  get a different answer every time. Joy can be an expression, like a smile. A sound, like a newborn baby laughing or cooing. A gesture, like a polite wave to a stranger. Or even a simple sentence, like "Hi, it's so nice to see you."
For me, JOY, is watching my two children grow into young adults....oh, and also the meow of a baby kitten:) I try my best to be Joyful toward others by smiling, waving and speaking to them in a positive light even when I'm not feeling my best. 
Recently, I did a reading for a client that started out badly but ended up being a new beginning for the both of us. At first, I was in the "Do the reading and bring in the next client" mode. Little did I know, this reading was about to change everything I believed to be true about clients. I think sometimes, people seek Readers out for therapy and guidance. This was the case with this client. She was only 18, suffering from very low self esteem which lead to promiscuity. After the reading, she just stared blankly after I pointed out her blockages and advice on how to move past them. And then for no reason at all, I told her how beautiful she was inside and out, and that she really needed to focus on loving herself because she has a lot to offer the world. She started crying and told me that no one had ever told her she was beautiful before. And then I started crying.  At that moment, I realized that sometimes it's not the Reading that counts, it's the words we use to convey the message. I have to say that this was a bittersweet Joyful moment for me. And it's all due to that 3 letter word: JOY.


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