Sunday, July 27, 2014

Florida Trip "Tarot Mecca"

I'm not even kidding. I went into one shop without a  bra and no one noticed. Well, hold on...let me think about this...okay, so what's there not to notice-that's not my point. In NC, you don't sweep your front porch without some kind of support be it 4 tank tops or a bed jacket (If you don't know what a bed jacket is, then you weren't raised in the South).

Okay, so Olivia Destrades of First Earth Tarot was such a gracious hostess. I was there from Thursday-Thursday and all I did was spend money on spiritual items like essential oils, stones, flannel mojo know, just the basics. I swear, everywhere I turned there was a "Reader" of some kind. Most times the only person I'll allow to read for me is Olivia Destrades. I'm just a little weird like that.

So we had a lot of tea, water and tarot. It's amazing to listen to someone else's view on the cards. I really learned a lot this week from Olivia and about other worldly ways like:
  1. Don't fly if there is a slight chance of a thunder storm and you have to use the restroom. The seat belt light only was off for 10 minutes.
  2. Don't wait for the line on the plane to die down upon disembarkment, because it's like a clown car at the circus.
  3. If you are sitting beside someone who is wearing 2, yes...I said 2, Superbowl rings, it might be a good idea to get his name. He's an announcer now, but he was the perfect gentleman.
  4. Don't lock yourself out of the house in Florida in the middle of July at 10:30 am, knowing that Olivia won't be home for a few hours.
  5. Be sure to pack Poo Pourri.
  6. Don't pack a Black Candle in your carry on, because they think it looks like a fuse connected to an explosive device. But then when I told them it was for the New Moon ritual, they looked at me like I was crazy. They even let me pass through  after 5 tarot bags fell out of my carry on.
  7. They serve alcohol on the planes for a reason. It's to numb those who have a screaming child sitting right behind  them kicking their chair.
  8. Above all, please run to your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, mistress, etc and cry to let them know how much you missed them.
I probably learned a lot of other things, but at the moment they escape me. Needless to say, I had a great time, I missed my children and of course, my husband.