Tuesday, May 20, 2014

When your Tarot deck says, "I'm tired and ready for bed."

For those of you who've never done a festival, you may not understand.

It started out great. Throw'n cards, multiple clients...It was First Friday in downtown Greensboro, NC at Terra Blue. This is an event to promote business in the downtown area. Businesses stay open late, there is usually a concert, etc. Just about everything one would expect except a clown pushing a shopping cart loaded with glow sticks, balloons, noise makers, and inflatable Super Heroes on a stick (you know the ones that little kids just have to have).
I was psyched up. Candle lit, incense burning, banners up. Everything was great, until those two women......OMG. What should have been a 5-10 minute reading, ended up being a 30 minute self-doubting session. "No, that doesn't describe me.". "No, I'm financially secure.", etc. I wanted to give them back their money just to get them away from me. Not only did they question everything I said, they had to have a lesson in Tarot cards via the meaning and symbolism of each card. I finally had to tell them that I had others waiting, and I did. There were some that just walked away because of the wait. Then a small argument broke out over who was next in line. Damn!!!
However, I must count my blessings. I was blessed with business:) And for that reason, I'll keep doing First Fridays. But, I have a game plan for the next time:
  1. Bring Stellar Fortune by Christiana Gaudet.
  2. Make up a sign up sheet.
  3. Time Limit the Readings. (They're suppose to be teasers anyway.)
  4. Give myself several breaks.
  5. Say what I mean and Mean what I say. It's all about confidence!!!!
I think next time, it'll be a bit different:)